Toddy shops, or kallu shaps as they are known locally, were once ubiquitous in Kerala. This is where the good folks hung out. Revolutions and coups, poems and novels were plotted over glasses of freshly tapped toddy and plates of spicy beef fry. Films and politics were critiqued over kappa and fish curry. Few of these remain today and the sight of a board bearing the word ‘Kallu’ still floods one with a longing for that camaraderie and food.
The Toddy Shop is an ode to that old world charm. Here we raise a toast to all things good in life – literature and booze, cinema and conversation, music and memories, fiery poetry and, of course, flaming food.
We offer you the best of Kerala’s cuisine. Our recipes have been passed down from generations, and tell of family secrets and historic trade routes. The menu has been curated from our head chef’s family kitchen, old Syrian Christian households, and from Hindu and Muslim hearths across Kerala.
We can’t bring the backwaters to you. But we hope our food will transport you to a bench under a coconut tree as you smack the spices off your lips. And before you ask, no, we do not serve toddy. Not yet. While we work on that, why don’t you select another tipple or a refreshing nannari sherbet instead?

Welcome to The Toddy Shop!